Michael Dillard

Smith & Wesley, The LastBand, Mickey Lamantia

Michael, born and raised in Dayton, Tennessee, is based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee area. He is currently the touring drummer for country duo Smith & Wesley (Ringgold, Georgia) who tour nationally and have had several charted singles including their current single To Be With You which is #31 on Music Row country chart as of September 27, 2019. He is a recording/touring member of outlaw/traditional country artists The LastBand (Chattanooga, Tennessee) who perform regularly throughout the southeastern US. Also, he occasionally tours with national outlaw country artist Mickey Lamantia.

Michael has been a passionate drummer for over 40 years in rock, country, and blues. Growing up in Tennessee he was exposed to and influenced by a lot of country music early on but as he grew older he became influenced and inspired by some of rock’s heavy hitters (Bruce Crump/Molly Hatchet, Peter Criss/Kiss, Alex Van Halen, Steve Smith Smith/Journey, Neil Peart/Rush among others). He has also drummed for several local blues artists as well.

He is currently using a variety of Stagg cymbals which include DH, SH, Furia and Genghis series and loves this variety of sound! “I love when another drummer or sound engineer comes after a show and compliments my cymbal sound. And that happens often!”