Eb Alt Saxophon, Handgraviert, Goldlack

Bands und Orchester | Holzblasinstrumente | Saxophone | Alt-Saxophone

Ref : LV-AS4105

  • Tune: Eb
  • Body, bell and neck made of brass
  • Bell with hand engraving
  • w/high F# key
  • Leather pads with resonators made of metal
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Instrument complete workshop tested
  • incl. Mouthpiece with reed, ligature and cap
  • incl. Swab and cork grease
  • Soft case with backpack straps
  • Case dimensons: 65x28x17cm or 25.59x11.02x6.69in.
  • Finish: Gold lacquered
Dieses Instrument besticht durch ausgeglichene Intonation in allen Registern. Der Sound ist Brillant - ein perfektes Instrument für klassische Musik.

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