Bram Steemans

Janez Detd

Bram is the beat maestro driving the engine room of popular Belgian pop-punkers Janez Detd, 15 year veterans of the local punk rock scene and festival circuit. Their current album is titled For Better For Worse and was recorded in New York with producer Jesse Cannon. Bram Steemans uses Stagg DH Series and Myra Series cymbals.

Janez Detd. is Belgium’s number one pop punk band since late 1990’s. They started in mom & dad’s garage and have grown ever since. The played the biggest festivals (Werchter, Pukkelpop, etc.) and toured with international artists such as The Offspring, Limp Bizkit, Good Charlotte, The Distillers and many more. They took part in the Red Bull X-fighters competition as ‘entertainment of the evening’. In 2009 Janez Detd. announced that they would stop playing punk rock and formed the CIRCO-formation. This is a latin, reggae, ska, punk-based band with horn section and extra percussion.

In 2015, after a massive facebook-action from a fan, Janez Detd. agreed to play a reunion show in De Vooruit in Ghent. This was sold out immediately. The band decided to play a few more later that year at Lokerse Feesten and CrammeRock. In 2016 they played two more special reunion shows. One at BoerenRock festival en one at A Special Day (festival for mentally challenged people).

Currently they are paying tribute to their own heroes with the project Janez Detd. Punk Rock High School. They only play songs written by their idols (NOFX, Offspring, No Fun At All, Green Day etc).