Christian Friese


It was destined Christian had to become a drummer, since his childhood, his crayons were his drumsticks and the boxes his drumkit. With the vinyl records of his father, Deep Purple and the Beatles, Christian found his roots in music. Enlisted at young age at a music academy, he saw he needed more, things were advancing too slow for him and he wanted to play and learn the music his idols were playing. So he started learning all the techniques by himself, pushing himself more and more every time. At 16, he and his friends formed the first band he played in, "Deaf People", playing covers and some own compositions. Shortly after, they changed the name from "Deaf People" into "Empty Storage", due to the rehearsal room being a large empty hall of 400m2. They recorded an album and had a lot of gigs with their progressive Dark Rock music. On the side, Christian plays in cover bands such as Troubled Mellowdy and Voice'n Fun. After the breakup from "Empty Storage" in 2004, Christian joins FreitagsFrei after passing the auditions. Because of the use of English lyrics the band changed their name into Mrs. Frizzle. Christian recorded 2 albums with Mrs. Frizzle. In 2014 Christian left the band which enabled him to have his complete focus on his new project, JennaRot. In 2015 the band recorded their EP Nicht fair.