Guitars & Basses


Would you like to learn to play the guitar without investing a huge amount of money? Check out our range of beginner guitars and get started. Our models of guitars and basses are the perfect combination of quality sound and affordable price. The ideal solution to finally give you the motivation to get started. Now it's your turn to play!

The guitar: chords, rhythm and melodies

The guitar is probably one of the most common traditional musical instruments to start making music. The harmonic richness of the guitar makes it possible to play many styles of music, whether rock, pop or classical, in groups or solo, thanks also to its strong rhythmic dimension. It comes in several models, the most common of which are the nylon-stringed classical guitar, the steel string acoustic guitar, and the electric guitar. The various models also differ in shape: dreadnought, auditorium, jumbo, classical, as well as in the number of strings, from 6 to 12.
The guitar is ideal for beginners, as it is not necessary to learn to read traditional music theory. The tablatures show you the necessary chords in a simple way. Its size is also an advantage because you can take it with you wherever you go, thanks to a carrying bag or case.

The bass: the harmonic and rhythmic base

The electric bass, born in the middle of the previous century, was intended to replace the much too heavy and cumbersome double bass. It is more powerful and dynamic. While it has both a rhythmic and harmonic function in a group, it can even also be played solo.
There are two main differences between the bass and the guitar. First, the number of strings, often 4 strings, but there are also basses with 5 or 6 strings, or even more. Second, the length of the neck.  In order to give the bass its own deep sound, the strings are longer, and so is the neck. Just like the guitar, there is no need to learn to read music, tablatures also work very well for the bass.
Do you want to learn to play guitar or bass? Discover all our models above, available for purchase from our many dealers.