Does Stagg sell directly to consumers?

Stagg do not sell direct to consumers, but through a network of authorised dealers around the world. Please visit our online dealer locator to find your nearest re-seller.


My instrument is broken. I am missing a spare part. What should I do?

If you have recently purchased an instrument with a fault or a missing part, please contact the dealer you purchased from for further assistance.


Where can I buy spare parts?

Parts and accessories can be ordered at our support store.


How can I find a Stagg dealer in my area?

Please visit our online dealer locator. Although we cannot guarantee that all dealers carry every product we make, the dealers listed are authorized Stagg retailers and have access to our complete line.


How do I become an authorized dealer?

Please drop us a line with your full contact details, and we will advise you how to become an authorised dealer.


How do I proceed if I should need warranty work?

Warranty claims are handled by our dealers. You should contact the dealer where the instrument was purchased.


Where can I find the Software ?

Please visit our support page for software downloads.


Why did Stagg discontinue a product?

Models are most often discontinued due to lack of demand. Models or colors that create steady demand and are strong sellers tend to stay in our product line for longer periods, whereas models or colors that don't sell as well may be discontinued sooner.


Will Stagg endorse me or my band?

We love to support artists that play our instruments! We have a lot of requests for support, so the best thing to do is submit an Artist Request Form.